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Shamanistic Bodywork, Transformation, Release & Movement for the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Fully Accredited & Registered by World Metaphysical Association & Council of Holistic Healers as Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Facilitator/Educator and Metaphysical Provider.




Double Master Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki & Karuna Ki Reiki Certified.

Available for Private/Group Sessions and/or Classes/Training.

​Working with a very special friend named, Ben achieving one of my most favorite pictures ever!!  My friend here, had just been rescued from slaughter, was terrified and yet stayed in my lap for 36 min!  Massage & Energy Work do WONDERS for our animal brothers and sisters!!  

All words and images Copyright Ren Matney, unless otherwise stated.  Not to be used or reprinted without written permission.


I work from the shaman view of exchange, which means I work from a relaxed state of payment/donation.  We will discuss amount to exchange hands before we meet - as this exchange enhances the experience and deepens the connection with Holistic work.  At this time, I do not work in trade.  

In most sessions, my request is $2 a minute for regular hands on sessions, $1 a minute for consultations (questions, conversations, mini teachings) and $3+ for private classes - yet I will reflect on this case by case.  

My training is extensive, please check out my 'Credentials & Testimonials" pages for more.  Do not let money worries stop you from asking for a service or product  - there is almost always something that can be worked out.  It's not always about the amount, as it is the energy created with the exchange. takes many hours plus monthly costs to keep it up, if it was of any assistance to you, even if it simply gave you a smile, please consider supporting with a donation.  Email me via contacts page.

Holistic Care & Healing is not a replacement for Licensed & Trusted Western/Eastern Medical Care, be it from a Medical/Psychiatric Doctor for Humans to a Veterinarian for Animals.  It IS a great compliment to these healing avenues. 

My title of 'Doctor of Metaphysics' is in no way to imply a Medical Degree of any kind.  I was given this honorary title from a school in metaphysical studies for my life study, work and final thesis.  Of which I am very honored.

 Some graphics are the copyright and a few others were found on the internet.  If for any reason someone wishes me to remove a picture I found online, contact me via email.  No infringement was intended.  2006-2018

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Shamanistic Healing & Movement for Mind, Body and Spirit.

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