Pictured above: taking some time to myself connecting to nature in Oregon State, 2001.


With a lifetime of study and 19 years working in the professional energy bodywork world certified, licensed, accredited and insured healer and teacher I still consider myself a beginner in the purest form of Zen thought.  I spend most of my time, working with humans and animals in holistic bodywork, personal communication and self reflective growth.  I do my work in the physical from my home in Las Vegas, NV. and also from a distance through email, messenger, phone and skype.  The fact that my work can be done over the miles no matter of time or distance is a continued source of wonder for me and I love sharing the results with the people and animals I've met from all over the world.   

Early in my life I took a field trip to meet Chief Lelooska in Washington State and it remains a strong memory for me.  He honored my fasination, connection and natural abilities with the Native ways of talking with spirit, animals, the elements and nature.  One seemingly simple school activity changed my life forever and I know he continues to walk with me on my pathway.  The Lelooska Museum is a Native American Kwakwaka'wakw Cultural Museum in Ariel, Washington and was established in 1977.  A meeting I'll never forget.

My life journey also brought to me the very early loss of my Father (in 1971) and 36 years of being the sole caregiver for a chronically ill Mother.  Her battles with Cancer, Organ Removal, Radiation Sickness only scratch the surface.  Watching her strength and determination to 'climb' the 'hills' put upon her pathway was something I hold high in creating my passions to work with the elderly, chronic/terminally ill and animal clients.  My Mother loved animals so much, it's a gift she gave to me.  Holding onto her in Hospice Care while she passed infused my passion to assist in the care of not only the patient themselves [animal or human], but for the caregiving family members at the bedside and ultimately left behind.  Utalizing all my training in holistic touch, energy work, positive communication, integration of the grief process, yoga mindfulness movement, etc. I can and will assist in so many different ways.  Before, during and after. 

I have been fortunate over the years to study with some greats in the field of holistic healing and communication: Marta Williams, Lisa Williams, Dr. Steven D. Farmer, John Holland, Dr. Allen Knecht, Louise L. Hay, Robert Holden, Mary Sullivan, Lola Michelin, Aruna Dawn Grey, Nina Jaroslawsky, Judith Conroy, Michael Hetherington, Sharon Ramel, Dawn Grey and James Van Praagh.  

Seriously that's just to name a few!  

From shamanistic bodywork and chakras to meditation and intuitive readings, I am here to help you get back to what's most important...YOU. 

Also a published Poetic Author, I pride myself on utilizing not just my hands but also my full mental energy field, empathic intuition and guided spirit to create a session like no other.  I become the conduit for Universal Energy to enhance our work together.  Each time you work with me, it's a new journey.  You may be in the same body, but you are in a different place and time, thus creating a session of "what you need in THAT moment" is a special gift I am honored to share with you.  Isn't it time to take a moment for you and/or your animal companion?  

After all, it's time to regain balance.  Namaste. 

My clients range from people looking to relax and/or heal specific areas to 'Boston Marathon' athletes staying in tip top shape - to people recovering from illness and/or growing a bit slower [but wiser!] with age to every one in between!  Plus I've also been fortunate in assisting with finding lost animals in Belgium and Denmark to communication from a lost dog to her human companion in Canada and spirit communication to a heartbroken human companion in Australia!  Our bonds are never broken.    

No matter your holistic body, mind and spirit needs - I can assist with you maintaining your connective best!  And as always promised, if I can't help you - I will help you find someone who can.


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Current Pathways:

Human Massage, LMT - NVMT.5808 

Small & Large Animal Massage, CSLAM

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification, CHP

Certified 'Comfort Touch: Massage for Elderly & Ill/Hospice' Practitioner,  CCTP 

Certified Master Life Purpose & Happiness Coach, CMLC

Certified Karuna Ki Reiki Master, CKKR 

Certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner, CCRP

Certified Polarity Therapy Practitioner, CPTP

Certified Yoga Teacher Training, CYT-250

Double Certified Usui/Chakara Reiki Do Master, RMT

Certified Chakra Therapist, CCT

Certified Transformation Meditation Teacher, TMT

Cranial Relaxation Technique, CRT

Doctor of Metaphysics, DM

Relaxation Therapist, RT

Certified Dream Analyst, CDA

Registered Psychic Medium/Intuitive, RPM

Published Author, 4 books and counting!


Former Pathways:

Supervisor, Savers Thrift Store, FES, Las Vegas, NV.

TA/Substitute Teacher, Nevada School of Massage Therapy, Las Vegas, NV.

Assistant Medical Director, Canine ICU Unit, NSPCA, Las Vegas, NV.

Certified Chiropractic Assistant, Namaste Chiropractic Holistic Healing, Portland, OR.

Teacher/TA, Northwest School of Animal Massage, Seattle, WA.

Professional Dancer/Actor, Home base located in Portland, OR.


Tool Box:

Massage, Intuitive touch, Relaxation and Tension release a focus.

Master Reiki, Energy Work, Psychic Senses

Animal Totems/Guides in Physical/Spirit

Human Guides from Spirit

Intuitive Body Movement for Self-Connection

Yoga, Yin/Yang, Reflective Movement and & Yoga for Kids

Meditation, Reflective, Connective & Self Empowering a focus

Polarity' Therapy/Balance

Intuitive Reading


Astral Projection

Qi Gong, Body Movement, Self-Connection/Freeing up Stagnation



Chakra Therapy, colors, sounds clearing, reading, release, etc. 

Vibrational Therapy, tuning forks, drums, rattles, etc. 





From left to right (click on any picture to make bigger): 

Author/Speaker Louise L Hay, Founder Northwest School of Animal Massage Lola Michelin (NWSAM Group), Actress/Author/Animal Sanctuary Founder Linda Blair (x2) www.lindablairworldheart.org, Psychic Medium John Holland, Musician Dean Evenson, Energy Work with Dog at Oregon Coast (and his beautiful face!), Special friend during my time at NSPCA, Lola and Gang again (NWSAM),  Author/Speaker Travis Walton, Horse friend, Assisting Baby in ICU at NSPCA, Psychic Medium James Van Praagh (x2), Author/Shaman Steven D. Farmer, Horse friend in Utah, Working with Friend at NWSAM, Massage with Chico, Chief Lelooska as mentioned above, Psychic Medium John Edward, Psychic Medium Char Margolis, Actor Christopher Atkins, Psychic Medium Lisa Williams, meditating in Utah on side of road (couldn't help myelf), working with animals in holistic bodywork 'doing what I love, loving what I do' (with monthly client Miley and my helper Emmett), speaking the 'student address' at Massage School Graduation from Nevada School of Massage Therapy, located in Las Vegas, NV. back in 2012, Singer/Songwriters Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, with Actor/Comedian Hal Sparks and finally with Timber Hawkeye, Author/Speaker at Maha Bodhi for an amazing talk in Las Vegas, NV. (x3)

So eternally grateful for all these interactions.  My life has growth because of each one of you.

Peace friends. 


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Ren Matney

Shamanistic Healing & Movement for Mind, Body and Spirit.

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